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Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too…Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (via dontcomplain at tumblr)

Ask Me: How do actors cry on cue?

Anonymous asked
How do actors cry on cue?

There are so many different approaches to crying.
Sally Field was on Inside the Actors Studio and talked about how she did the famous monologue in Steel Magnolias where she (spoiler alert!!) loses it at the funeral of her daughter. She described a gruesome, “method” exercise where she imagined cutting herself slowly and painfully...

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Ask me: Good, affordable, daytime acting classes in NYC

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was wondering if you know any good affordable acting classes in nyc? I’ve been searching a lot but mostly they all offer night classes and I go to school at night so it’s a little difficult for me. So, it will be very helpful if you could direct me to a good day time acting class.
Good acting classes don’t come cheap. But there are definitely day classes at most studios that you can sign up for...

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From the headlines: The day I sat in Emma Thompson’s kitchen and accused her of stealing my movie

This is a fascinating article. A true David and Goliath story that I hope will have a positive resolution.
The day I sat in Emma Thompson’s kitchen and accused her of stealing my movie
Last updated at 1:45 AM on 24th April 2011
Charming: Emma Thompson is planning a film about Victorian scandal involving John Ruskin, his wife Effie and the painter John Everett Millais
She answers the door of her surprisingly modest house with a gracious smile. ‘Hello!’ she says in that lovely voice I have heard from countless movie screens. Intimate and cool all at once.
‘Hello,’ I croak, hopelessly out-charmed. I am, frankly, enchanted, and it’s the last thing I want, because I have come to Emma Thompson’s house in West Hampstead to discuss what I believe to be – she continues to smile at me so openly – the misappropriation of my work by her and her husband Greg Wise. They deny it, of course.
How does one begin to address so rude a concept in the face of such world-class star power?

Ask Me!: Film/TV in New York or LA?

Anonymous asked
Do you think it is possible to have a film career in NYC? I hear LA is the place for film but what if your not able to go there for financial reasons.
Well, I do think it is possible to have a film career here, but it is a bit more of a slog. While it’s true there are more and more films being made in NYC the heart of the american movie industry – and indeed television industry – is still in LA.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Step-By-Step Walk-Through of a Commercial Audition

I LOVE auditioning for commercials. They are usually ridiculous and require on-the-spot memorization or improvisation. Sometimes you have scripts, or "copy" (as they call it commercially,) and sometimes you don't. Oftentimes it's about your reactions to something that is happening and sometimes it is about how well you can manage technical jargon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IMBD Pro and your Demo Reel

I invested in an IMDB Pro subscription a couple of years ago. Mainly so that I would have my photo alongside any credits I had - it's good to be able to put a face to a name, I thought. It also makes you appear more professional for some reason.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exciting news!

The NYC Actor is taking it to the next level. Over the next few months there will be some major changes to the blog as we introduce eBooks, podcasts, vlogs and more! Stay tuned : )

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On-Camera class with a professional filmmaker!

It’s quite interesting, but when you look at all the on-camera classes for offer in NYC you’ll notice that they’re primarily taught by casting directors. That’s a really good coup if you’re looking to network and get your face out there – especially if you’re already familiar with working on-camera.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Actors Access announces new low budget and student film contract!

I've done so many student films. All to gain experience on sets and to build reel. However,
if you look at my film reel there is not a single student project on there. And it's not because they were bad or I was bad. It's because I never received a copy of my work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anecdotes on the job: Stage Fright!

I'm occasionally humbled by new experiences as an actress. Like remembering how frightening auditioning can be, or developing a brand new skill, or just plain falling out of a voiceover-booth. But nothing has floored me quite like my experience performing in an improv show last night.


I haven't performed on stage for almost 3 weeks...

Ask Me: Mailers, getting out there, networking?

Anonymous asked
Hi Angela,
I'm new to NY. I have been a SAG actor busting my butt in Los Angeles for a long time. I came here to pursue some education in a parallel career to to help support my addiction to acting. Now I am ready to dive in to acting here. I have often felt people might get me better in NYC. I am very clear on who I am as an actor and what I can offer. I am still trying to get myself together financially here so I am not currently looking for a class or casting director workshops especially coming out of 4.5 years in one class.

What I am looking for is some guidance on how one gets in doors here with casting directors, theatre companies, agents, managers? Is there a protocol with mailings etc. ? Are there networking organizations that focus on marketing? In LA we have THE ACTORS NETWORK which is a brilliant place to navigate all sorts of the business. Any thoughts?
offer nowversus later. . I could tell you where to go for everything in LA but here it seems difficult to navigate where to begin. I am trying to
get on my feet financially and just left a class of four years so I'm not looking to jump back into classes or paid casting director workshops.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A letter to casting directors, directors and producers: Auditions

I usually share stories and anecdotes on things I have done as an actress so that you can take my faux-pas and experiences and turn them into successes for yourselves. But today, I want to suggest something to all the casting directors/director/producers out there that they can do to help me and my fellow actors bring our A-game...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Available now: Dialect Coaching!

I'm finally doing it!
After many inquiries and a number of private sessions, I am now offering dialect coaching.

For all your British Isles dialect needs, look no further...

Read more at the new, improved The NYC Actor website

A great workshop and a rare opportunity!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's not all about New York

I woke up to this email today. It was in the comments field of another post and I felt like I should share it:
Hello Mrs Angela,

I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 10 years old. I am 18 years old now, and it has been difficult. I have learned that being financially stable is one important aspect, but I just wish that it wasn’t what seems to stem from all of my problems. I do not have a job, and am currently in school. My mother raises me and my sister, and she works two jobs. Of course there are classes that I want to take, but I can’t take them. Headshots that I want to get done, but I can’t because of money. I try so hard to remain positive, because I never think of anything else....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anecdotes on the job: A case for every actor to own a smart-phone and to get to your auditions EARLY!

Ironically, I just mentioned a similar scenario to this yesterday, so I’m being put to the test here! Today, I had an audition for an Australian Progressive Auto Insurance commercial. My agent told me to do an Australian accent. Fine. I can do that. I’ll swat up a bit the night before and get to the casting early so I can practice the lines and I’ll be golden…

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ask Me: How to meet fellow actors?

Anonymous asked
Hey im in NYC, im tryna meet and network with fellow NYC actors, where could I go to do this? I would go to mixers but im not that established as an actor, i only have background credits.

I think the best way to meet fellow actors is... Read more at the new, improved The NYC Actor website

Ask Me: How to keep going?

Anonymous asked
In your career you must have had rough times? What convinced you to keep going? What was your "aha" moment?

My “a-ha” moment came when I was 17. I was playing Mephisto in a production of Goethe’s “Faust.” I was working my a** off day and night memorizing the outrageously complicated text, doing in-depth script analysis, doing physical work on the 4 primary character-representations that I would be playing (if you’ve never read the play, I recommend it - its excellent) and vocal work because the theater we would be performing in was HUGE. And all that on top of my 12th grade finals. I collapsed from exhaustion...

Reblog from Tumblr: Amazing speech accent audio archive

Click to hear a speech sample, read from the same piece of text, anywhere in the world.
I like this website, too. Although it won’t help you nail an accent all on its own. You have to do some serious research by watching documentaries, TV, listening to local radio from your desired accent-region.. But a GREAT resource.
Thanks for the reminder and the link siegel

Ask Me: Moving to the USA?

aldes asked

your tumblr is really useful, I saw previously that you're not from the US. Because I'm french and I want to furfill this dream. I have a good acting coach here. Well I wanna know if you made your us citizen paper before coming, or if you just came and tried it out. If I'm not wrong we can stay 3 months without a visa. But us : immigrants, can we work ( as a waiter first )as an actor here ? I mean it may be difficult to get a flat, get a driving licence, damn so many questions..

Hey there,
You are right. I’m a Brit. I got to come here because I have family in the US and then I stayed because I met my husband. It is quite difficult to get work papers here. You can possibly apply as an artist but you have to have placement with an agency first. Also, I’m not an immigration lawyer so I don’t really know all the details!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ask Me: Links on your resume?

mustanghalle asked
Hey lady! I had a question about resumes you might be able to help me out with. Would you ever put links on your acting resume, say if the gig was a web series or something exclusively on the web? Or is that not really done? Thanks and great Tumblr!

Thanks Halle!
Well, if we’re talking about a printed resume and you have a website (which at this point in time, every actor should.. ) you should put your website at the top of your resume with your name, email address and phone number. And your website should have a clear path to your reel.
If the resume is digital (on the web or a pdf, say) ...

Ask Me: Paying the rent!

Anonymous asked

First of all, I just stumbled upon this site and I think it's great! It's awesome that you're giving out answers that I cannot find anywhere else. My question is really more about living in NYC as an actor. I'm curious about apartments--everything on Craigslist is soooo expensive and I don't know how I could afford it! Can waiters really afford to pay $700/month just by waiting tables? How much do you really have to work in order to afford this ludicrously expensive (yet amazing) city? How much do waiters make during the week and is it easy to pay the rent? I know small acting roles won't pay that much... I'm coming from small town Georgia but I'm scared I'll be living on the street within a week that I get there!

It is a very expensive city indeed! It is possible to make a living here, though.
$700 is probably what you’ll pay if you live in an apartment with a roommate and is a very manageable amount of money to raise. You will have utilities and other expenses, too, so I’d plan on raising at least double that if you can.
Depending on where you work...

Ask Me: Where are all the auditions?

Anonymous asked
Hi. I really want to start going to auditions for musicals, mostly to just practice singing in pressure situations. How do I get started? Where are these things listed? Thanks!

Most theater auditions are posted in Backstage (either online at backstage.com or in their weekly newspaper). There are listings of non-union shows AND union shows in a number of places. Here are some links to get you started..

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ask Me: Headshot, resume and my name?

Anonymous asked
Hey Girl!
Question about headshots: I read all the tips and pointers but do you put your name on the headshot too? Does it get framed out with the name at the bottom. I've seen your resume, do you attach it to your headshot? When you go into a blind audtion how many pieces of paper do you need? haha !
Yes! You must put your name on your headshot because most of the time casting directors actually rip off your resume. They’ll need to have a name to put to that great face they decide they like a year from now.
At the moment (Jan 2011) having a plain white border around your picture is the norm - and it’s the perfect place for your name. I suggest printing it on the bottom right corner. We westerners read from left to right and the eye scans the headshot left to right too, so it makes sense that the name should be down there...

Ask Me: Work as a Casting Director?

Anonymous asked
how can you go about working with a casting director? how much would it pay?

Do you want to be a casting director? Or is it a means to an end as an actor?
I wouldn’t suggest looking to work with a casting director as a means to make money as an actor. It is a thankless job and the hours can be gruesome which will come into direct conflict with your need to be available for auditions, work, etc. I can also guarantee that it is not a means to be discovered as an actor. It’s not common for the director ..

Ask Me: The Most Important Thing an Actor Should know?

Anonymous asked
What is the most important things actors should know?

I’d say that an actor should know beyond all doubt that this is the profession they HAVE to do.
It can be a very hard life with a lot of stress and heartache and it should not be entered into lightly. If you can imagine.. 

Ask Me: Night-jobs?

Anonymous asked
Should actors take night jobs?

Until an actor is making a consistent living at acting they should do whatever they can to support themselves financially. In general, night jobs are helpful because it frees the actor up during the day-times which is when most auditions happen...

Ask Me!

Good morning, and a Happy New Year to you!

Have questions about the industry? Ask me anything about acting HERE!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Headshots: The Shoot

If you're like me, you HATE having your picture taken! So the headshot session can be intimidating. The best shots I've ever had came about in an environment where I felt most comfortable. But even the shots I use today were a challenge to get as there are many variables that can make or break a shoot. Here's a check list of things to keep in mind to help make your shoot a success and minimize those variables:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ask Me!: Accents (cont..)?

Anonymous asked
I have a light accent (Russian mostly but grew up in Israel), so I feel like until I nail an American accent, there is no point in going auditioning for things. Right or wrong? I've been told that I should. Also, any recommendations on cost-efficient accent reduction coaches? Does it take a while?
Hello again,
Firstly, I would say you should do what you can to tap into the voiceover market. There are always castings for people with accents and other languages and you could be working, albeit occasionally, in that field right now. To get started, I suggest you spend $200 or so and pull together two 1-and-a-half minute demos of your voice focusing one on the Russian side of your accent and the other on the Israeli. Take a listen to commercials on TV/radio and to ..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1000 fans on Facebook by Jan 2011!

I have to get 1000 “likes” (aka fans or friends) on my Facebook page by Jan 1st, 2011. If you know of other actors in New York or anywhere else in the US, suggest they “like” this page. There are some exciting things in the works.. stay tuned!!

Ask Me!: Light on the resume, should I wait to network?

Anonymous asked
So I wanna get out there an network and go to seminars but all I have to my resume is 2 jobs doing extra work and non sag membership, should I get more credits and a membership or go to those seminars regardless?

Ask Me!: Non-Union Commercials?

Is it possible for a Non-Sag to get to do commercial?

Monday, November 22, 2010